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Eddie Holcomb

Eddie Holcomb

209 N. Broad Street
Leland, MS 38756

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The Farm Bureau Promise

The mission of the Farm Bureau® Insurance companies in Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and South Carolina is to care for our customers when they need us most. We made a promise to our policyholders to be there during their time of need. And although Coronavirus is a catastrophe different than most, we know our communities need relief now more than ever.

For more than 70 years, we’ve taken pride in humbly answering the call to serve our neighbors across our six states—to protect their way of life, their dreams, and their families. And we will continue to do so. Because we must. Because we can do no less.

Because it’s what we were built to do.


Get Started with Humana Medicare today

To talk to a licensed Humana sales agent contact:

Robert Holland


Leland, MS 

Humana Value Plus PPO

This Medicare Advantage plan, also known as a Medicare Part C plan, includes the benefits of Original Medicare and more. Enroll in this plan to enjoy:

  • Coverage of all Medicare Part A (hospital insurance) and Medicare Part B (medical insurance) covered services
  • Routine physical exam and many annual preventive screenings at no extra cost
  • Access to preferred cost-share pharmacies that offer covered drugs at prices lower than standard pharmacies
  • Predictable costs, freedom to visit any Medicare-approved doctor, specialist or hospital, who accepts Humana’s plan terms, without a referral
  • Prescription drug coverage included in the plan premium.